Oshenwatch Review

by MotoCaDa

I saw the adds for the OshenWatch and decided to order it because  of its advertised ability to monitor blood pressure.  I ordered it in mid July and received it after two weeks.  See their advert: OshenWatch

Charging and connect to smart phone

After receiving the watch I set about charging it and it took a while to figure out how to do this.  It’s actually pretty clever and what you need to do is remove the strap on one side of the watch and plug the tab directly in to a phone USB charger.  Since the strap is not easy to remove and requires some force and jiggles to make it come off I’m worried that the tab might break off after some time. 

While charging I downloaded the FitPro app to my Android phone and after an hour of charging I tried several times to connect the watch and after 4 or 5 tries I managed to connect it.  You must do the connection with the FitPro app and not do it via the phone’s bluetooth settings.  The connection works well and data from the watch is shared with the phone and you can use the app to adjust the settings on the watch.  I did notice that if the connection is broken by moving the phone too far from the watch it will not auto-connect once you get within bluetooth distance but you must manually reconnect.


After charging and connecting I eagerly tested the heart-rate beats per minute(bpm), O2, and blood-pressure monitors.  I quickly found to my dismay that they give readings but the readings are way off.  I compared the bpm against my Xiaomi band 4 and manual readings and the OshenWatch was several bpm off while the OshenWatch blood pressure  readings were way off at 100/70 compared to my medical bp reader at 130/90.  

I went outside for a run in fairly bright conditions and found it almost impossible to read the watch, the display is very dull and much worse than my Xiaomi watch.  The step counter did seem to tally with the Xiaomi and my phone so at least that is working on the OshenWatch.

I wore the watch for a week in the hope that it might calibrate itself but no such luck!  The health readings were still off after a week of tries.


After my disappointing experience with the OshenWatch I wrote to support@buyoshenwatch.com and they quickly agreed to refund me half of the cost, ie. around $30.  In itself and admission that the watch does not meet the advertised functionality.


In conclusion I can’t recommend the OshenWatch, the advertised functions do not work, the display is very dull and there are watches at half the price that are better!